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Range of Kawai digital pianos for sale

The digital and electric pianos are great for those who are looking for a low-maintenance instrument without the cost of tuning. Even better, it can be played on your headphones making it ideal for when you want to play without disturbing those around, such as group practices in classrooms or for a piano teacher to instruct while playing.

Visit the Brighton Piano Warehouse showroom in Brighton to browse our collection and see our latest-in-stock. You can call us on 01273 601 989.
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How are they different from a regular piano?

Digital pianos sound just as great as regular pianos, but modern technology makes them more versatile and various models come with different sets of sounds and voices. Some models feature song recorder capabilities that both enhance ones playing enjoyment and can also assist piano study. 
Kawai model piano

The Kawai models we sell

  • CA 97, CA 67,
  • CS 11, CS 8, CN 25, 
  • CN35,  
  • KDP 90, MP 11, MP 7, 
  • ES 8, ES 100, 
  • CL 36, VPC 1, Legacy Products
Visit Brighton Piano Warehouse in Brighton to buy a Kawai digital piano. 

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 01273 601 989.
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